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Projects I'm Working On

  1. The #1 Pension Adminstration system.

Mykiota, is looking to digitize everybit of pension adminstration.
It is now more easier than ever to save for your retirement with kiota. All you need to do to get started is Register for the waitlist.

  1. The #1 Online MarketPlace for Shopping for Outfits

For years middle and lower class Kenyans have been exploited by hungry brokers when buying secondhand clothes. It does not have to be that way because a new way to shop is here.

I am building the #1 online marketplace for you to shop for outfits.

  1. VR & AR you will be ale to try on outfits from the cormfort of your sofa seat.
  2. Secure P2P payments to make sure you do not lose your hard earned money to scammers.
  3. A pricing system to make sure that products are not overpriced, and many more other features.

If you would be the first one to try out these features,

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